April, 2013

Hilase received recognition for innovation from the Hungarian Association for Innovation

Hilase Ltd's tender of a laser based photoacoustic instrument used for the measurement of hydrogen sulphide and water vapour content of natural gas received special recognition from the evaluation committee of the XXI. Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize. 

The awarded instrument was developed by Hilase Ltd. and Videoton Holding Plc. based on the patent of University of Szeged (SZTE) and MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc. Hydrogen sulphide and water vapour content of the natural gas is an important indicator of its quality, and is defined by strict regulations during exploitation and sale. As of today, these indicators are still measured with complicated instruments, often by separate sampling.  The process is further complicated by the fact that mining is often done among extreme weather and natural conditions, where these methods simply cannot be used.

In 1996, however, the experts of MOL and the scientists of the Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics, University of Szeged came up with a revolutionary new idea. They measured the hydrogen sulphide and water vapour content of the natural gas on-line by an instrument based on laser-photoacoustic principle, which has not been used in the industry before. Laboratory experiments proved that the conception is correct, thus this novel approach gained patent protection in a very short time.  Videoton Holding Plc. bought the right to exploit the patent of MOL and SZTE; then Videoton - as a majority owner via its venture capital investment - and the researchers involved in the project from the university's side established Hilase Ltd.  Main business targets of the new company included the introduction of the invention-based measurement equipment on the market. The first industrial applications of the equipment - functioning even in industrial environment - constructed due to the joint efforts of Hilase Ltd. and Videoton Holding Plc. - the developer of the electronics and signal processing system - were implemented in various sites of MOL. The great advantage of this device created as a result of development is that compared to the previous devices used in the oil and gas industry, it is much more accurate, simpler to operate and easy to use even under extreme circumstances. In the last three years, the equipment of Hilase Ltd. appeared also in a number of offshore platforms in the North Sea.
Hilase Ltd., SZTE and Videoton Holding Plc. are working closely together even today on expanding the application area of this highly perspective technology; and their activities are accompanied by considerable international interest.

Sándor Feith, Attila Boltresz


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