Some of the already commercialised instruments of Hilase are based on the results of our own R&D efforts, while others were ordered by our customers.

Hilase-Ex instrument for the natural gas industry

As a result of the cooperation between the MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company and the University of Szeged, Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics, which was started in 1996, several photoacoustic instruments were installed at various natural gas plants including:

  • A single stream H2S, H2O and CO2 concentration monitoring instrument is in operation at the natural gas plant of MOL (Barcs, Hungary) since 2008.
  • A four stream instrument for measuring H2S and H2O concentration simultaneously in four different gas streams. In operation at the natural gas plant of MOL (Algyo, Hungary) since 2004.
  • A single stream instrument measures H2S concentration in flair gas at the refinery of MOL (Százhalombatta, Hungary) since 2008.
  • A dual stream Hilase-Ex instrument for H2S concentration monitoring. In operation at the natural gas plant of MOL (Üllés, Hungary) since 2002.
Since 2009 Hilase cooperates with Hobre Instruments BV. Several Hilase-Ex instruments are installed world-wide as a result of this cooperation.

Atmospheric humidity measurement

Within the CARIBIC project ( a dual channel Hilase-Hygro instrument has been operating on-board of a commercial aircraft (Airbus A340-600 of Lufthansa) since May 2005. It measures atmospheric humidity and/or total water concentration over wide dynamic ranges with a fast response time and with high accuracy. Other Hilase-Hygro instruments were tested at research aircrafts.

Aerosol measurement

Hilase developed a four wavelength instrument for measuring the optical absorption of artificial as well as atmospheric aerosols real-time in a wide wavelength range covering UV-VIS-NIR. This instrument was successfully tested at various laboratory and field campaigns.

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