15 years of Hilase
A message from the CEO

Dear Online Gas Analyser User,

First of all my colleagues and I are pleased to welcome you to Hilase's website. We appreciate that you devote some of your precious time to reading this message, because we know how busy you are. Your measuring instruments must work 24/7 and they must indicate immediately whenever any of the monitored analyte concentrations is off the limit. There is a lot at stake because the monitored process is complicated, false alarms result in a waste of vast amounts of money and the regulatory concentration limits are continuously being tightened.

For all these reasons it is not surprising that when Hilase entered this very competitive market in 2004, the online gas analyser user community was rather sceptical: we not only came from a country without a proven track record in gas analytical instrumentation, but we also started to promote our photoacoustic solution, a measurement method that had been hardly applied in a demanding industrial environment before. Yet, this community responded positively: there were pioneering professionals who were eager to test our instruments and who quickly understood the advantages of the photoacoustic method such as high sensitivity, outstanding selectivity, robustness and fast response time. Currently there are around 100 photoacoustic instruments built either by Hilase or by Hobre Instruments BV (our successor in the oil and natural gas industry) operating worldwide under tough industrial conditions. This success could not have been achieved without our experts' commitment to constant development.

Finally, looking forward to the next 15 years, we promise to maintain our firm commitment to and enthusiasm about photoacoustics. We will continue our cooperation with the University of Szeged for new scientific ideas and Videoton Plc. for engineering support with the sole goal of serving you with ever-improving instruments.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Zoltán Bozóki

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