Permeability measurements

With our WaSul-Perm instrumentation we offer our service of determining the gas permeability parameters (diffusivity, solubility, permeability and gas transmission rate) of polymer (plastic and rubber) samples sent by our costumers. The uniqueness of our measurements stems from the fact that due to the wide dynamic range of the photoacoustic method we can record the entire permeation process, which makes the determination of the permeation parameters, by using a numerical fitting algorithm, very precise. Measurements can be performed in a wide temperature and pressure range on samples with various shapes (laminar or tubular) and dimensions. Measurable gases include water-vapor (H2O), hydrogen-sulfide (H2S), carbon-dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), various hydrocarbons and many others; as well as gas mixtures. Samples with extremely low permeability can be measured as well. For further information please download our brochure about WaSul-Perm.  
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