Aerosol monitoring

Hilase operates a mobile atmospheric aerosol measurement station, built into a special van. The central instrument of the station is a four wavelength photoacoustic instrument (MuWaPas) developed by Hilase, which is capable to measure real time the absolute optical absorption of the sampled aerosols (TSP, PM10 or PM2.5) in an exceptionally wide wavelength range (@1064 nm, @532 nm, @355 nm and at @266 nm). This instrument is supplemented with an Aethalometer and a TEOM. Filter sampling is also available on the station with subsequent mass as well as chemical analysis. The unique advantage of the MuWaPas instrument is its capability to differentiate between aerosols from different sources such as from vehicle exhaust or from biomass burning. In October 2010 the mobile station was operated at the red mudslide nearby Ajka (Hungary).  




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